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President Obama

What President Obama Could Learn from Joe Oliver

President Obama is trying to lead his nation forward in the climate debate. But leadership isn’t always about proving that you are right. Joe Oliver demonstrates another approach that may be more effective. […]


Big Companies Making a Big Difference

Large corporations are easy targets. By definition their global brands tend to be very visible and historical decisions that are no longer socially acceptable cause uproar in today’s socially conscious environment. But companies are just tools in the hands of those that build and run them and like money, can be transformational catalysts for good. . […]

Four Visionary Ventures

With so many businesses thinking app size, the world needs big ideas. Ideas like turning human waste into a valuable product, turning nuclear waste into a valuable product, and making medical research more efficient via an open source model.

Read on to find out about several early-stage visionary ventures attempting large-scale change in critical sectors. And find out why I think it’s interesting that these stories are being published. […]

Stanford Ovshinsky

Remembering Stanford Ovshinsky

Compared to both Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, Stanford Ovshinsky combined a love of science, abundant inventiveness and a deep commitment to social values.

Ovshinsky was a prolific American inventor and scientist who was granted well over 400 patents. He received various honorary degrees and awards but had no formal education after high school. He worked tirelessly to change the world’s attitude toward sustainable energy, and his long-term goal was to make fossil fuels obsolete. […]

Derek Handley

Branson’s B Team

Sir Richard Branson calls on our favourite Kiwi entrepreneur, Derek Handley!

Branson reckons business needs a Plan B – laying the groundwork for his latest initiative, The B Team, which boasts New Zealander Derek Handley as CEO. The mission of The B Team is to champion concrete solutions to help make capitalism a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit. […]

5+ Ideas for Seizing the B2B Opportunity

If you could build a sustainable company anywhere in the world for any B2B industry what would you do? According to Jim Goetz, Partner at Seqouia Capital, there’s a $500B opportunity to be pursued for entrepreneurs willing to focus on services for businesses rather than consumers. Here’s a list we came up with – what’s yours? […]

Toast Marshmallows. Charge Gadgets. Save the World

BioLite’s camp stove requires half the fuel of an open fire, reduces emission by 95% and creates electricity which can charge small electronics.

The inventors have now turned their attention to a larger stove for home use, with the intention of bringing these benefits to the developing world. In doing so, they have deliberately chosen a market approach rather than a charitable model based on fundraising. […]

Joe Oliver

Meet Joe Oliver: Artist and Social Entrepreneur

Young and following his dream to leave the world in better shape than he found it. Meet Joe Oliver.

Joe is a leader in promoting sustainable events, and through his consultancy has made events such as the Shanghai Fashion Week environmentally responsible. […]

What Do Google’s Green Efforts Teach Us?

Google has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral. The company’s efforts over recent years have included getting into the clean energy business, buying carbon offsets, investing in energy efficiency and providing free transportation for employees.

Do Google’s free buses and electric pool cars have any real environmental benefit, or is this just greenwash? […]

Review of ‘Zoom’

ZOOM: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future‘ZOOM: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future,’ by Iain Carson.

My rating: 3 stars out of 5.

How much longer will our cars burn oil? What will replace it?

Two correspondents for The Economist provide a US-centric view of the geopolitical and economic forces that link Big Oil and Big Auto, and discuss the potential for a hydrogen economy to resolve the environmental issues surrounding the burning of fossil fuels. […]