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Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Financial Instruments?

A new financial instrument, the Social Impact Bond (SIB) is gaining in popularity. SIBs are designed to transfer the risk of social programmes from the public sector to the private sector, by paying investors when social targets are achieved. […]


Where Is the Global Economy Heading?

What are the chances that a global economic collapse is just around the corner? And what would that mean? I attended a conference where these issues were discussed, and would like to share my thoughts. […]

Big Companies Making a Big Difference

Large corporations are easy targets. By definition their global brands tend to be very visible and historical decisions that are no longer socially acceptable cause uproar in today’s socially conscious environment. But companies are just tools in the hands of those that build and run them and like money, can be transformational catalysts for good. . […]

Bill Gates

The Power of Catalytic Philanthropy

How would the wealthiest, most astute business people solve the world’s biggest problems?

Bill Gates presents a keynote address to a gathering of philanthropists who have collectively committed to giving away more the $100 billion of personal wealth. In this address, he laid out a vision for ‘catalytic philanthropy’ – creating markets, using capitalistic approaches, to help the needy in long-term, systemic ways. […]

The Grow Movement: Consultants Doing Good!

London fund manager Chris Coghlan was making emerging market investment decisions every day based on telephone calls and email. One day he wondered whether consulting assistance provided solely through telephone and email could benefit a developing country entrepreneur, and what impact this economic empowerment would have on local communities.

An idea became a plan, a plan became a movement, and today the Grow Movement has 250 entrepreneurs, volunteer consultants and support team members in 30 countries from every major culture. The first 40 projects in Uganda helped create 100 jobs and increase profits by an average of 20 percent. […]

Joe Oliver

Meet Joe Oliver: Artist and Social Entrepreneur

Young and following his dream to leave the world in better shape than he found it. Meet Joe Oliver.

Joe is a leader in promoting sustainable events, and through his consultancy has made events such as the Shanghai Fashion Week environmentally responsible. […]