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President Obama

What President Obama Could Learn from Joe Oliver

President Obama is trying to lead his nation forward in the climate debate. But leadership isn’t always about proving that you are right. Joe Oliver demonstrates another approach that may be more effective. […]

Bill Gates

The Power of Catalytic Philanthropy

How would the wealthiest, most astute business people solve the world’s biggest problems?

Bill Gates presents a keynote address to a gathering of philanthropists who have collectively committed to giving away more the $100 billion of personal wealth. In this address, he laid out a vision for ‘catalytic philanthropy’ – creating markets, using capitalistic approaches, to help the needy in long-term, systemic ways. […]

Fortune’s Global 500: Four Growth Trends

The world’s largest companies posted record revenues in 2011 of US$29.5 trillion, up 13.2 percent from the previous year. Where will the growth come from next?

Fortune’s Global 500 prompted me to think about majority world consumers and resource scarcity. […]