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How I’ve Helped Create 700 Jobs in Africa, and How You Can Too

In five years, Grow Movement has helped create 719 new jobs in Uganda, Rwanda and Malawi. How has this been done? By helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to run their businesses more effectively.

Consultants from around the world volunteer their time to advise clients remotely via phone, Skype and email. Would you like to do some good? Will you be one of our consultants? […]


What if…

What if you could eliminate poverty in Africa from the comfort of your home?
What if you could use your business skills to change the lives of others?

You can! Here’s how […]

The Grow Movement: Consultants Doing Good!

London fund manager Chris Coghlan was making emerging market investment decisions every day based on telephone calls and email. One day he wondered whether consulting assistance provided solely through telephone and email could benefit a developing country entrepreneur, and what impact this economic empowerment would have on local communities.

An idea became a plan, a plan became a movement, and today the Grow Movement has 250 entrepreneurs, volunteer consultants and support team members in 30 countries from every major culture. The first 40 projects in Uganda helped create 100 jobs and increase profits by an average of 20 percent. […]