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President Obama

What President Obama Could Learn from Joe Oliver

President Obama is trying to lead his nation forward in the climate debate. But leadership isn’t always about proving that you are right. Joe Oliver demonstrates another approach that may be more effective. […]


Where Is the Global Economy Heading?

What are the chances that a global economic collapse is just around the corner? And what would that mean? I attended a conference where these issues were discussed, and would like to share my thoughts. […]

5+ Ideas for Seizing the B2B Opportunity

If you could build a sustainable company anywhere in the world for any B2B industry what would you do? According to Jim Goetz, Partner at Seqouia Capital, there’s a $500B opportunity to be pursued for entrepreneurs willing to focus on services for businesses rather than consumers. Here’s a list we came up with – what’s yours? […]

Fortune’s Global 500: Four Growth Trends

The world’s largest companies posted record revenues in 2011 of US$29.5 trillion, up 13.2 percent from the previous year. Where will the growth come from next?

Fortune’s Global 500 prompted me to think about majority world consumers and resource scarcity. […]