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Big Companies Making a Big Difference

Large corporations are easy targets. By definition their global brands tend to be very visible and historical decisions that are no longer socially acceptable cause uproar in today’s socially conscious environment. But companies are just tools in the hands of those that build and run them and like money, can be transformational catalysts for good. . […]


Edgy Boots, IT Microwork and Poverty Reduction: Leila Janah links them all

Moved by the lack of opportunities girls in Africa face, Leila Janah, then a teenager, determined to dedicate her life to help give others a chance in life. Since then she’s started a number of initiatives focused on improving the prospects of women and youth around the world by leveraging her connections in North America and generating microwork for those living in poverty. […]

5+ Ideas for Seizing the B2B Opportunity

If you could build a sustainable company anywhere in the world for any B2B industry what would you do? According to Jim Goetz, Partner at Seqouia Capital, there’s a $500B opportunity to be pursued for entrepreneurs willing to focus on services for businesses rather than consumers. Here’s a list we came up with – what’s yours? […]

The Majority World in Pictures: Unlocking Creative Value from Unexpected Places

A business built on images from lesser known photographers: identifying and unleashing value from the majority world.

A young girl backstage waiting her turn at a beauty pageant. Family members sharing a joke. Children playing on a jungle-gym. You might see these images in any newspaper or magazine. But these are unique. They were taken by photographers that were capturing moments of the life around them, a life they happen to be part of as nationals from the majority world. […]

Women in Business: My Research Journey to Date

As my first post to our blog, I’d like to provide a brief introduction to my published work, which includes two articles and a book chapter regarding the experiences of Western female professionals working in emerging markets.

My interests lie at the intersection of international business and strategic management, although I am also interested in what happens at an individual level. […]