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Dominion Farms: Feeding Africa and Battling Critics

Businessman Calvin Burgess has invested $40 million over 10 years into turning a swamp in western Kenya into a model farm producing rice, fish and rotation crops. The mission of Dominion Farms is to reduce poverty, transfer technology and advance sustainable capitalism in East Africa. The greatest challenges however have not been in turning the marsh into productive agricultural land, but in countering the critics. […]

Stanford Ovshinsky

Remembering Stanford Ovshinsky

Compared to both Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, Stanford Ovshinsky combined a love of science, abundant inventiveness and a deep commitment to social values.

Ovshinsky was a prolific American inventor and scientist who was granted well over 400 patents. He received various honorary degrees and awards but had no formal education after high school. He worked tirelessly to change the world’s attitude toward sustainable energy, and his long-term goal was to make fossil fuels obsolete. […]

Derek Handley

Branson’s B Team

Sir Richard Branson calls on our favourite Kiwi entrepreneur, Derek Handley!

Branson reckons business needs a Plan B – laying the groundwork for his latest initiative, The B Team, which boasts New Zealander Derek Handley as CEO. The mission of The B Team is to champion concrete solutions to help make capitalism a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit. […]