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Joe Oliver

Meet Joe Oliver: Artist and Social Entrepreneur

Young and following his dream to leave the world in better shape than he found it. Meet Joe Oliver.

Joe is a leader in promoting sustainable events, and through his consultancy has made events such as the Shanghai Fashion Week environmentally responsible. […]


Women in Business: My Research Journey to Date

As my first post to our blog, I’d like to provide a brief introduction to my published work, which includes two articles and a book chapter regarding the experiences of Western female professionals working in emerging markets.

My interests lie at the intersection of international business and strategic management, although I am also interested in what happens at an individual level. […]

What Do Google’s Green Efforts Teach Us?

Google has set itself the goal of becoming carbon neutral. The company’s efforts over recent years have included getting into the clean energy business, buying carbon offsets, investing in energy efficiency and providing free transportation for employees.

Do Google’s free buses and electric pool cars have any real environmental benefit, or is this just greenwash? […]